Sidchrome Socket Sets

Sidchrome Socket Set proudly stock Sidchrome Socket Sets, from the Australian and New Zealand tool industry giant, Sidchrome. The company built their reputation on supplying high quality, hard wearing, premium and professional products, which still endures today.

Sidchrome Socket Sets include all the sockets you will need for most applications in a handy case. Slim-walled, but strong, these sockets are made to last a lifetime. carry a wide range of sets for use by beginners and home DIY enthusiasts, to professional grade sockets. We have a suitable product for your budget and skill level.

Each set contains all the different sockets required to fit the heads of a range of fastener sizes. A ratchet completes the set, sized to fit all the sockets in the carry case, so that you can be completely prepared for all jobs. Every piece of the set can snap on to the ratchet by means of a square nub.

Check out our full range of Sidchrome tool collections; sockets and wrenches, drive sockets and spanners available in fractional inch, Metric and AF sizes and short or deep variations. Deep sockets allow you to access bolted joints like the exhaust clamp bolts on vehicles.

We also stock Hex socket sets, with extensions and torsion bars. See also our tough Sidchrome impact sockets and drivers, for use with impact wrenches, whether electric or air driven.

If you are using Sidchrome's own range of tool chests and blow moulded carry cases, choose our Foam option that include the essential precision machined EVA foam storage tray to keep all your tools in place.

As Sidchrome say: "" You Canna Handa Man a Granda Spanner!

Make sure you have a Sidchrome Socket Set from handy in your toolbox – today.