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What is Soldering?

A fusable metal alloy, called solder, is melted to join two work pieces together. The solder creates a permanent bond between the metals and, since it has a low melting point, the solder can do this without affecting either of the host metals. As well as holding the parts together, this solder 'glue' allows electric current to flow across the join.


Using soldering flux helps achieve clean, well-soldered joints when soldering wire or components. It contains resin in its core which acts as a flux and helps to eat away the oxides that can prevent a good soldered joint from forming. carries a range of quality equipment and all the accessories you need. Often kits come with different tips for the iron. Portable butane gas powered soldering irons may have a handy carry case and safety cap or latch, if self-lighting.;

Electric hobby irons are useful for DIY, jewellery making and home applications, but cordless soldering irons are very handy for general electronics and automotive repairs, in and around the office, workshop or job site, in fact wherever mobile repairs are needed. Don't forget your safety glasses, too.

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