Spare Parts

Tools: The Wisdom of Having Spare Parts

If you have ever had a mishap when a saw blade bent or some other tool malfunctioned out of the blue and had to shut the entire job down while you went out to buy a replacement part so that work could begin again, you probably understand the wisdom of having spare parts for the tools you use often or that are critical to completing a project.

Having spare parts can mean the difference between stopping work or being able to continue working if something goes awry with a tool or key piece of equipment.

Some tools, of course, don't really have spare parts. For example, if your hammer breaks there isn't much in the way of spare parts that is going to make it functional again or restore its usefulness. In this particular scenario, if you were depending on having a hammer to do a job, the wise thing to do is keep a spare hammer handy.

But, some tools, especially power tools, sometimes have parts that are prone to break or wear out occasionally. You might even drop a power tool and break off a necessary bit and in that case, having spare parts to fix it immediately and on the spot would be a blessing.

Most major brands of tools and equipment have spare parts available for the pieces that tend to need replacing either once in a while or on a regular basis.


Spare Parts

Some power tools use parts or attachments, including such things as special drill bits, screws, sanding pads and belts, and so on and so forth.

These are often parts that you are going to need more than one of to do a job. Sanding pads, for instance, or brushes.

If you don't plan ahead and have these spare parts at hand when you need to replace the one you are currently using, you will have a significant loss of time and productivity. It is much better to take stock of what you are likely to need in the way of spare parts before beginning a job or project, and have ti ready rather than having to stop and go buy another one.

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