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Vices Hold Things Together

Vices play an integral role in many jobs. When you need something clamped together or held tightly, it's time to use a vice that will get the job done.

There are many applications and trades that rely on vices. Auto mechanics, woodworkers, hobbyists, engineers, machinists and more. Vices are not a newcomer to the world of tools and were used for several hundred years, although in the beginning of their history vises were in much cruder forms than those of today. Such is progress.

But, even though modern vices are tweaked and greatly improved, in the final analysis - a vice is a vice. Basically, any version of a vice; be it a woodworking vice, mechanics vice, woodcraft vice, engineers vice, drill press vice or any other type...serves the same purpose. Vices clamp and hold things.

When all is said and done, a vice is a mechanical screw apparatus that is used for clamping or holding  a piece of work so that some sort of work can be done on it. Vices are also used to clamp and hold two work pieces together, such as in woodworking or woodcrafts.

Regardless of what you need to clamp or hold, chances are there is a vice to fit your needs.


Types of Vices

There are several types or sub-categories of vices, but in basic terms, there are two major types:

  • Metal Jaw Vices
  • Wood Jaw Vices

When you start shopping for vices, you need to keep in mind what you plan to use a vice for to be sure and get the right type for your application. Some factors to consider when making a buying decision are:

  • The application, or how you intend to use a vice
  • The size of your usual workpieces
  • The material you will be working with

One thing you should know is that if you invest a little money in a premium quality, well made vice; it may be the last one you will ever have to buy. Good vices are built to be tough and rugged and can last a lifetime with proper use and care. Now, you might have noticed that the qualifier in this is what you get when you buy a good quality, well made vice. If you buy a cheap, mass produced vice, you can't expect the same kind of service or durability.

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