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Commonly referred to as a block and tackle, a chain block is a type of hoist that gives you lifting power with a hand chain you wouldn't have with your own brute strength. Facilitating single person operation, a chain block is ideal for lifting an engine out of a car or moving loads from level to level on a construction site. They are also used for materials handling on production lines and in workshops. Whatever the application, a chain block gives you mechanical advantage over manual lifting in any situation in all spheres of industry. has a great selection of chain blocks, all manufactured by the Beaver Brands (Beaver). Founded in Victoria, Australia, Beaver specialises in the design and manufacture of reputable, quality and innovative branded products within the areas of materials handling, lifting and load restraint, height safety and fall prevention.

Our Range of Chain Blocks

We stock Beaver's industrial manual hand chain blocks, rated from 500kg to 3 tonne capacity, as well as the new generation of 3G chain blocks from Beaver up to 2 tonnes. We also carry the Beaver 3 tonne ‘handi-pro’ chain lever block that is overload limited. The built-in safety overload clutch technology acts as a limiter, which means greater work safety when lifting or pulling. The Beaver range of chain blocks have been carefully developed to comply with Australian Standards and, as industry leaders, their product reliability and safety records are impeccable.

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