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Efficiency Plus Power: A Hammer Drill

Whether you need to drill into stone, concrete, brick or mortar, has a cordless hammer drill to do the job efficiently.

A hammer drill is much like a normal rotary drill but features a hammering action which provides short rapid hammering pulses to break up the substrate and ease the drill piece forward through the masonry material as the hole is cut.

Coming in at a much lighter weight than the more ‘industrial’ rotary hammer, the hammer drill is smaller and more compact. It can add power to any basic masonry drilling job without tiring the user’s arms and is therefore the ideal and preferable option when working up a ladder or overhead.

The majority of hammer drills make the hammer function switchable, meaning they can be used as both a hammer drill for hard substrates or a straightforward drill for use on softer materials, wood and metal. Add in the facility to be used as a powered driver for screws and bolts, and the versatility of the modern hammer drill makes it the ideal single-tool solution for many odd jobs around the home.

For tougher jobs, we carry a number of mid-range hammer drills that utilise a slotted drive system (SDS) chuck to enhance the hammering action of the tool. These units are a good crossover compromise between the standard hammer drill and the heavier rotary hammer, making them suitable for those heavier jobs cutting through resilient substrates such as concrete or dense brick. offer a wide selection of hammer drills, drill bits and other power tools for all kinds of DIY jobs.

When choosing a hammer drill, it is useful to think about how it is most likely to be used. If access is a problem, or the drill needs to be able to cope with refined work such as screw or bolt insertion, then the size of the tool could be a prime consideration. Here at, we stock a range of smaller hammer drills that pack a considerable punch for their size.

Most modern hammer drills offer a variable speed control to optimise drilling performance across a range of substrates using different drill bits. Check that your drill has the range you require to meet your needs.

The power and torque delivery of a hammer drill can greatly affect its hole-cutting ability. Modern hammer drills use electronic control circuitry to optimise motor performance under load, but if you are considering a cordless hammer drill it is important to consider how much power delivery you will get from each charge and how long it will last.

A quick locking chuck for speedy bit changeover is a useful feature to have, doing away with the hunt for that elusive chuck key! If you are relying on one tool to carry out a multitude of tasks during your construction job, you may prefer to consider the versatility of a hammer drill fitted with the SDS chuck option. Some units feature handy magnetic holders to save you fumbling for that drill or driver bit during changeovers.

At we can supply hammer drills as body only or complete with charger and battery pack(s).

Within our hammer drills range, we have top brand names like

•           DeWalt

•           Fein

•           HiKOKI

•           Makita

•           Metabo

•           Milkwaukee

•           Stanley


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18v Li-ion Cordless Makita Hammer Drill - offers the mode selection system that enables to shift quickly from ""drill"" to ""driver"" for increased efficiency.

18V Cordless Nano Compact DeWalt Hammer Drill Driver Set - offers a combined high power and can be used in hammer drilling as well as screw driving applications.

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