Essential Tools 101: Levels Keep Everything Straight!

Levels keep everything straight and are considered one of the essential tools to be found in every workshop, on the job site, in a tool cabinet or bag.

Can you imagine a house built without using levels? No matter how experienced a builder might be, nobody can just "eyeball" something and know whether or not it is perfectly straight and level. Nothing would be squared up right and the whole edifice would end up a topsy turvy disaster.

Levels and lasers keep us all from living in crooked houses, working in crooked buildings, building crooked fences and even hanging crooked pictures and paintings!

There are several types of levels available today.

Types of Levels

There are various types of levels available on the market today, that address several applications.

Here are some types of levels you might find if you were shopping for them:

  • Spirit Levels - Also called a bubble level, these are used to indicate whether or not a surface is level (vertical) or plumb (horizontal) and are commonly used by carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons, building trade workers, surveyors, millwrights, metal workers.
  • Rotary Laser Levels - These sit in the center of a room, most often on a tripod, and cast a laser beam in a 360 degree circle. These levels can show a laser chalk line (so to speak) on all 4 walls with accuracy; or cut a vertical swathe that hits floor, walls and ceiling simultaneously.
  • Laser Levels - These are fixed lasers that throw a level beam against a wall or floor.
  • Carpenters' Levels - A type of bubble level, usually up to about 4 feet long but sometimes as much as 6 feet.
  • Torpedo Levels - A compact form of the carpenter's level, these are normally around an inch wide and 9 inches long - great for working in tight places.
  • Plumb Bob Levels - These humble little levels have been around for hundreds of years and are still very much in use today. They are small, pointed and tapered weights that are suspended from string or cord and generally used to measure true vertical plumb or depth.
  • And More

Levels come in a wide range of prices, depending upon what type you are buying.

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