Makita Batteries

Buy Makita Batteries for Performance That Lasts!

Part of the great success of Makita tools is their powerful, dependable Makita batteries. While the power tool range is well known for quality and innovation, it is the Makita batteries that enable their great, lasting performance.

Ranging from 12V to 36V, Makita batteries are a perfect companion when you have a job to do. The proven technology of their industry standard Makita 18V battery allows the unit to be light in weight, yet hold its charge well under any conditions.

Whether you need replacement Makita batteries or simply want to keep some spares on hand for that 'just-in-case' scenario, you can be confident of high performance that will ensure your tools are ready to work when you are.

There is a big selection of Makita batteries on sale online at, fit for the great range of Makita drills and cordless power tools we offer. Our prices are standard, and even cheap, for Makita batteries, making your power tool purchase an even better deal!


Types of Makita Batteries provides the full line of Makita tools, so you can naturally expect to find the full line of complementary batteries to power them.

Here are some of the Makita batteries available:


•           14.4v 1.3ah NiCd Battery

•           18v 1.3ah NiCd Battery

•           36v LXT 2.2Ah Lithium Battery

•           9.6v 1.3ah NiCd Battery

•           10.8V Lxt Lithium 1.3Ah Battery

•           14.4V Lxt Lithium 3Ah Battery

•           18V Lxt Lithium 1.5Ah Battery

•           18V Lxt Lithium 3Ah Battery

•           12V 1.3Ah NiCd Battery

•           12V 2.0Ah NiCd Battery

•           18V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery

•           14.4V 2.0Ah NiCd Battery


You may also want to purchase an extra Matika battery charger to keep your Makita tools fully powered up for instant use. Sometimes having a spare battery for your Makita power tools and cordless tools might mean the difference between being able to go ahead with your work and finish a job or quitting to go out and buy a new battery.


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