Mitre Saws

Mitre Saw, Chop Saw or Drop Saw?

Whatever you call it, a drop saw is one of the most useful carpentry tools for cutting wood quickly, at any angle.

When making any kind of wooden frame or structure, using cut or moulded timber lengths, your bench drop saw is ready to be rapidly set up for slicing through the work piece at the correct angle and depth. The cordless Makita drop saw is a great asset when you are working remotely from your workshop, or just when you need handy cutting action.

This power tool is commonly called a mitre saw, due to the adjustable table on which the drop saw stand is fixed. This enables the work piece to be positioned exactly as required for precision cutting. Since the drop saw stand mounting allows the vertical blade to be raised, lowered and pivoted to any angle, this combination makes the job easy, especially when working alone.

Drop saw blades range from 216mm in diameter to 400mm for the larger, professional models, or 8” to 15”, the most common size being 10” (254mm) for multi-purpose use.

Drop saw safety is managed by a few, key built-in features:

  • Blade guard around the cutting edge
  • Cutting direction, ie. away from user
  • Supporting fences to steady the work piece
  • Correctly placed control switches, far away from blade stocks respected brand names like DeWalt drop saws, MACC, HiKOKI, Metabo, Nobex, Stanley and the Makita range. We also carry a range of metal drop saws, or metal cut off or chop saws, which operate on a similar basis, but for metalworkers.

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