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For cutting metal, such as tin and sheet metal, as well as many other purposes, a good pair of tin snips is invaluable. Cutters, by definition, are an essential tool in any workshop or toolbox. There are a lot of different varieties of metal or tin snips and shears, some more suited to specific applications than others.

Types of snips include heavy duty tin snips that can deliver extra power when needed. GTD stock straight cut, long cut and offset cutters. Don't forget to check for right and left hand cuts, if applicable. As well as these various cuts and sizes, some tools are lightweight or suitable as general multi-purpose cutters. Occasionally, snips have a self-opening action so it is important to look for safety latches for added protection.

As well as conventional tin snips, GTD stock industrial snips, pliers and aviation snips. Other cutting implements include tools specifically for builders, jewellers and also swaging tools. Common specialist applications requested are gutter snips and tools for cutting vinyl siding. offers a wide variety of types of snips tools at substantial savings. You can find tools from the most popular brand names, including:

  • Milwaukee
  • Gardena
  • Wiss
  • Toledo
  • Erdi
  • Stanley
  • Midwest
  • Kincrome
  • Sterling
  • OX Group
  • Crescent

Midwest snips have a good name in the industry among professional sheet cutters, as do Milwaukee tin snips. Milwaukee forge their blades, rather than casting, making them often up to ten times stronger and much more durable.

Wiss snips are well known as possibly the best aviation snips available. They are designed to cut 18 gauge low carbon cold rolled steel precisely and easily.

In our garden section, cutters include secateurs, pruning loppers, hedge clippers and grass shears. Household and jobsite scissors, including tailors, or dressmakers, scissors fall into this semi-domestic, lighter use category. are sure to have the exact tool you need in our convenient online store. Order your perfect tin snips set today!