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Essential Equipment – A Stud Finder for Walls

A great range of electronic and magnetic stud finders are available from at low discount prices every day! Our main models stocked are Imex and Stanley stud finders.

If you plan to be hanging pictures or items on the wall, or putting up shelving or building any addition to your home, you need to know how to use a stud finder for walls.

How to Use a Stud Finder

For safety and to ensure that anything you are hanging or mounting will be secure, you need to detect the presence and position of hidden items behind the wall, such as pipes, electrical wires, beams, nails and studs.

Before stud finders, it was a case of trial and error, often resulting in needless damage to walls or even accidents. It used to be a painstaking job to try to locate nails, pipes, wires and studs, by knocking on the wall and listening for changes in the sound, but now using a stud finder makes everything very much easier.

Working on the principle of detecting density changes, a hand held stud finder can indicate where it is safe to drill into a wall. Magnetic stud finders are still available and work well, but many models are using density detection for more general use. Some stud finders have an additional, very useful laser level feature for further help with positioning.

The hand held unit is moved slowly across the wall in the area to be checked and it indicates where there is a change in wall density. This may mean that there is something behind the wall, so it is best to pencil mark these places and check for a pattern, for example regular studs or wall battens.

Many units will make an audible indication when they detect live wires, putting the safety of the user first at all times.

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