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At, we have a huge range of high quality lasers levels from the big name brands with a wide variety and suitable for different types of jobs. We stock and sell Construction Lasers and Levels online that are extremely accurate devises and time-saving tools in the construction industry. Our construction laser levels are manufactured with high quality materials, are rugged, durable, and user-friendly professional-grade tools. Many tradesmen and handymen are finding they need lasers stay competitive in the industry.

Types Of Laser Levels

Laser Distance Measuring Tools (also known as ""Electronic Tape Measures"", ""Laser Distance Finders"" or ""Digital Measuring Devices"") are not used as a reference tool like the lasers. Instead the laser distance measurer employs a laser beam to automatically measure distance at the push of a button.

Rotary Laser Levels Rotary Laser Levels produce a 360 degrees level laser line around a work space. Some models are for indoor use only, and some models will handle indoor and outdoor use. Rotary lasers have a greater range than line generators and are more ideal for larger and exterior work sites.

Dumpy Levels - Our dumpy levels are tough, fairly priced and are manufactured to the latest Australian standards. Quite popular to be used at the construction site and for any surveying jobs, dumpy levels are easy to set up and are very precise.

Line Laser Levels also known as ""Line Generators"", are used primarily for single site interior work, such as a wall or ceiling. Most line generators project cross-hair lines. Depending on the model some will project different patterns including cross-hair, single lines, and even combination of both.

Plumb Lasers- Plumb Lasers or Dot Lasers produce a solid reference dot on the wall or work surface. These are usually used when you want something plumb or level but do not need a laser line produced. They come in a variety of dot patterns for plumb and square configurations.

Pipe Lasers- Pipe Lasers are used to align pipe and assist in setting grade. They produce a single dot towards the front of the laser and usually include brackets and hardware to clamp onto pipe or manholes for alignment purposes.

Browse our online range of laser levels and order the one that is suitable for your job at hand. We always make sure that our customers get the best tool for the kind of job, so we offer the expert advice if you have any advice choosing the laser level. Call us at our stores and our consultants will be able to advise you the best tool.