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No matter what type of job or DIY project you have in the works, is always there to help to find a quality spirit level to suit your needs.

What is a Spirit Level?

A spirit level is a precision instrument that is used to indicate whether a surface is level or a line is horizontal, i.e. level, or vertical i.e. plumb.

The most common way to achieve a level line is by using an air bubble trapped in a sealed glass tube full of alcohol or liquid. The central position of the bubble in the body of the level indicates when the tube is being held perfectly level.

Spirit levels are extremely handy for many applications and can be useful to many tradies and DIYers, including builders, carpenters, surveyors, machinists and interior decorators.

Types of Spirit Level

The most common, inexpensive models are simple precision box frame spirit levels, with a hand hole for firm grip and one or more bubbles in vials as indicators.

As well as these manual bubble levels, we stock electronic versions, or choose one of our combo models which give the assurance and precision of both methods.

Our top of the range includes illuminated spirit levels with laser pointer and digital readout. We also stock angle measures, or digital angle finders, for precision building work, as well as magnetic spirit levels.

Full range of spirit level sizes with pocket carry sized models from 300 to 400mm spirit levels up to the large, expandable professional plate to plate extension level that is over 3 metres long. Covers or carry bags are available to protect these delicate precision instruments when they are being transported.

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