Vacuum Cleaners

For dry or liquid messes in the workplace or job site, industrial vacuum cleaners are resilient enough to get the job done. Whether it is spilled sawdust, water, oil or other work-related materials, commercial or industrial vacuum cleaners can save you many hours of back-breaking work cleaning up tough messes.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Designed to suck up dust and dry spillage as well as spilt liquids, a multi-purpose wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner works hard and provides versatile value. has a fantastic selection of high quality, name-brand industrial vacuum cleaners, from Festool, Metabo, Makita, and many more famous names. Reviews and prices can help with decisions, but ultimately it is going to be featured, efficiency and portability that are deciding factors in purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Commercial vacuum cleaner attachments to consider include swivels, extensions, dusting brushes, crevice tools and even window cleaning heads.

Related Products

Also listed under industrial vacuum cleaners that can be ordered online is a range of dust extractors which are commercial grade air filters and cleaners. For even more powerful and reliable dust extraction, centralised extraction turbines are available that will service the whole room, keeping it clean and dust-free.

When heavy-duty cleaning is required, check out the custom-designed chip extractor or concrete dust extractor to clean up after the toughest jobs.

At the other extreme, if only light cleaning is needed, use a cordless hand-held vacuum to quickly tidy up a small area. Always ready on stand-by, these portable vacuum cleaners are great for fast fix-ups!

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