Chisels and Punches

Chisels and punches are very simple hand tools, but they have a variety of important uses in various work applications. They are used to cutting, paring or mortising hard materials such as wood, stone, concrete or metal. Consequently, many variations exist, meaning they have evolved and adapted over time to suit the various job requirements.

For example, has a wide selection of chisels, including Cold, Floor, Plugging, Electricians Bolster, Brick Bolster with Hand Guard, Wrecking Knife, Rock and Concrete.

A chisel, by definition, is a hand tool with a specially adapted cutting edge, having a blade to cut or carve materials. They can be used simply by hand force or are struck using a mallet or hammer. Hand chisels need to be comfortable to handle and they need to present a sharp, straight working edge to the material so chisel sharpening equipment may be required.

The most traditional in the range are Japanese chisels for woodworking, which are an evolution of an ancient tool, called a nomi, used for traditional carving in Japan.

You can also find a large variety of punches for crafts, trades and woodworking at, including Hollow, Nail, Pin, Starting, Hollow and Letter/Number punch sets.

Punches are struck by a hammer to form an impression in the material, whether it for decorative purposes, for marking or in preparation for further processing. Punches can produce a letter, number, shape or just an indentation ready to start making a hole for holecutting, drilling, riveting, etc.

Brands offered by include: Holemaker, Groz, Finkal, Stanley, Trademaster, ProAmp, Geiger, Plumb, Supatool, Estwing and MUMME.

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