Macnaught Hose Reels


Convenient Hose Storage with a Macnaught Hose Reel

The Macnaught Retracta range of retractable hose reels features a spring driven action that allows easy self-retraction of the hose back onto the storage reel. Hoses can be positioned permanently using wall mount hose reels or the units can be attached to a vehicle, trailer or trolley for mobile use in workshops, on forecourts or factory floors.’s retractable range includes garden hose reels as well as industrial hose reels to carry grease and oil, with specialty hose reels for welding operations and for conveying weedicide or pesticide in garden applications.

The RETRACTA Hose Reel range comprizes:-

  • Air Hose Reels
  • Grease Hose Reals
  • Oil Hose Reels
  • Speciality Hose Reels
  • Water Hose Reels
  • Welding Hose Reels


Retractable Hose Reel Reliability

Locally made in Sydney, Australia, for almost 25 years, Macnaught's Retracta hose reels feature solid, weather-resistant shells made of high impact UV stabilised polypropylene. Backed by the manufacturers' warranty, these retractable hose reels will keep hoses safely out of harm's way due to their clever built in auto-rewind reel system.

A positive latching mechanism ensures that the hose fully retracts, automatically, every time, regardless of the orientation or position of the reel. Furthermore, an internal feeder ensures the hose is layered smoothly onto the reel, from side to side as it is rewound. This means that even your wall mounted garden hose reel will always allow the hose to pull out smoothly and retract properly at any angle.


Reels are categorized by the size and capacity of the hose they can hold, i.e. its length, diameter and pressure rating. Reel casings may be single or twin pedestal, open or enclosed. The range also includes heavy duty hose reels and some models cater for metering with innovative integrated flow meters and flow registers. This reduces the need for separate mounting of meters, intermediate plumbing or vulnerable wiring between meters and registers. Metered hose reels are completely fitted and wired ready to install and function immediately – just bolt the unit in and connect the inlet and outlet controls.

Once you find out for yourself how easy it is to buy high quality products at low prices from, you’ll see what has made them a household name for tool buying in Australia.

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