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The Weldforce 290MST offers unbeatable grunt from single-phase power, ideal for use where where higher output is desired but 3-phase power supply is not available. With a maximum output of 290A @ 55% there's plenty of power to tackle production jobs with wires up to 1.2mm. Available as a stand-alone compact / portable machine, or can be optioned with the WF114 separate wire feeder unit either with initial purchase or as an add-on later if/when required. Features include: Easy-to-use controls (synergic or manual), 4-roll geared drive system, Job save, Spool Gun ready, and more.

  • MIG (Gas / Gasless)
  • Stick / MMA
  • TIG (DC Lift-Arc)
  • Dual-Purpose Power Source Technology allows the 290MST to be used as a stand-alone compact / portable unit, or fitted with separate wire feeder unit
  • Max MIG output 290A @ 55% duty cycle
  • Dual Input Modes to allow use with either 240V 15A plug (fitted), or 240V 32A plug (optional) for full/maximum output**
  • Manual or Synergic MIG controls (enter material type & thickness and machine will set parameters automatically)
  • Job Save - store custom settings for up to 20 jobs
  • Geared 4-Roll Wire Drive System - for super reliable wire feeding
  • Takes 5kg (D200mm) or 15kg (D300mm)spools
  • Spool Gun Ready
  • MIG functions & adjustments include: Inductance, Soft Start, Burnback, Pre-Gas Time, Post-Gas Time, 2T/4T Trigger, Spot/Stitch Time
  • Stick/MMA functions & adjustments include: Hot-Start %, Arc-Force %
  • TIG functions & adjustments include: Trigger & Remote Amperage Control on the the torch, Post-Gas Time, Slope-Up Time
  • Generator Compatible - min 15kva, ideal 20+kva (where possible we also recommend investing in generator with 240V 32A outlet)
  • MIG welding <290A with solid mild steel (0.8-1.2mm), gasless flux-cored (0.8-1.2mm), stainless-steel (0.8-1.2mm), aluminium (0.9-1.2mm), & bronze/brazing (0.8-1.2mm) wires
  • Stick/MMA welding <270A with most types of common electrodes (2.0-4.0mm), including steel, stainless-steel, hardfacing & more
  • TIG welding <290A (DC lift-arc) of steel, stainless, copper & chrome molly up to 5-6mm max thickness (NOT suitable for TIG welding of aluminium)

MIG Torch 4m BZL 36, Earth Lead 4m, Gas Regulator, Driver Rollers for 0.9/1.2mm steel/solid wires, Power Input Lead with heavy-duty 240V 15A plug fitted, Compact Unti, Toolbox Trolley
Brand Weldclass
Shipping Weight 24.8100kg
Type Tools

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